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PollWhodunnit... i.e. backed Pausanian in assassinating Philip? Karen423 hours 22 min ago
Book page012 - The greatest warrior, redux Karen62 days 6 hours ago
Blog entryCasting the I, Alexander movie(s)! Karen02 days 8 hours ago
Book page497 - The limits of human possibility Karen34 days 8 hours ago
Book page203 - Justice sacrificed for excessive mercy Karen06 days 4 hours ago
Story204 - Go for what you truly want Karen06 days 4 hours ago
Story202 - The flesh of the black shadow Karen56 days 4 hours ago
Book page327 - The strongest enemy I would face Karen61 week 1 day ago
Story041 - How (not) to see a psyche-healer Karen31 week 5 days ago
Page“A splendid fantasy story DN Admin02 weeks 5 days ago
Blog entryMuskoka Novel Marathon 2015 fundraising results FINAL - $32,226.53 Karen03 weeks 1 day ago
Story156 - None of it was done in our name Karen83 weeks 6 days ago
Story155 - Such an idiot Karen13 weeks 6 days ago
Story153 - asa kraiya Karen03 weeks 6 days ago
Story152 - Calm on one, crazed on the other Karen53 weeks 6 days ago
Story144 - A sordid secret of Yeoli military history Karen94 weeks 10 hours ago
Story143 - All it needs is practice Karen54 weeks 11 hours ago
Story112 - The last thing I am Karen04 weeks 2 days ago
Story042 - A battle over my soul Karen44 weeks 4 days ago
Story037 - The Chevengani Mental State Assessment Committee Karen114 weeks 5 days ago
Story026 - If the will to death in me had no influence Karen24 weeks 6 days ago
PollPossible title change - what do you think? Karen95 weeks 2 days ago
PollFrom Alexander: "What should I do about Philip?" (Anyone want to change their vote after Ch 31?) Karen05 weeks 6 days ago
PollAlex is somewhat psychic... if he gets a premonition that Philip will be assassinated, what should he do? Karen25 weeks 6 days ago
Book page04 : Only one way to find out Karen08 weeks 5 days ago

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