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Book page05 - The Tyrian victory song Karen03 days 9 hours ago
Book page04 : Only one way to find out Karen03 days 9 hours ago
Book pageThe City of Purple Karen03 days 10 hours ago
Story163 - Oh, to be *semanakraseye* Karen13 days 19 hours ago
Story008 - Chevenga himself Karen93 days 23 hours ago
Blog entryWriting linearly, and me Karen24 days 14 hours ago
Blog entryWeird Arkan jobs Karen202 weeks 4 days ago
Blog entry*UPDATED* My Muskoka Novel Marathon 2014: Finalist AGAIN Karen02 weeks 5 days ago
Book page004 - The changes might cause upheaval Karen22 weeks 5 days ago
Book page215 - The count of the votes of the people Karen12 weeks 6 days ago
Book page214 - It was no reflection on me or my worth Karen72 weeks 6 days ago
Book page209 - The widest of possibilities Karen33 weeks 3 days ago
Book page205 - The world is mine Karen53 weeks 3 days ago
Story200 : The commonality of mutual humanity Karen23 weeks 3 days ago
Story202 - Go for what you truly want Karen03 weeks 3 days ago
Story198 - A flood of blood and tears Karen133 weeks 4 days ago
Story197 - The hardships *asakraiyaseyel* face Karen03 weeks 4 days ago
Blog entryMy Muskoka Novel Marathon 2014: planned! Karen03 weeks 4 days ago
Story158 - The person who accepts everything instantly suffers nothing ever Karen24 weeks 2 days ago
Story108 - Not supposed to be that powerful Karen05 weeks 9 hours ago
Story093 - No one who loves me Karen285 weeks 10 hours ago
Story090 - The suicidal urgings of perceived justice Karen95 weeks 12 hours ago
Story076 - I value the health of every soul Karen25 weeks 14 hours ago
Story051 - Like a deaf dancer moving to a song I could not hear Karen05 weeks 1 day ago
Story040 - The ovum of his courage Karen25 weeks 2 days ago

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