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The book in which you find out who the Hayel those pastel instant-messengers are.

And the entire Fifth Millennium world is handed its greatest-ever blessing... which could prove to be its worst-ever disaster. The words “second Fire come” never held such meaning...

Anardika Prologue : Either saved or destroyed

]]art log 4981 4 18 1200 Art: Final call on the vote.

]]art log 4981 4 18 1201 Art: For 2912 ; against 1086 ; not voting 2 = passed by sufficient majority.

2 Merjin 4983 | Vae Arahi

Dear Mamin:

209 - The widest of possibilities

22 Dikim 4980 | Vae Arahi

Dear Mamin:

You are a grandmother!

And your son is a father, and feeling unprepared! I guess it’s true what everyone’s telling me, that every parent feels unprepared. What could possibly prepare you for this?

205 - The world is mine

“I’ll take that under advisement,” Denaina said, as she lifted another sea-curl. It seemed coy to me at the time, shadow-son, but maybe that was the wine. Maybe it was just that natural reserve that women have.

“You know, if you’ve found someone to keep you company... to fill out your four... I’ll throw the engagement party for you,” I said.

Her brows came down. Ehhh, I’d stepped in the kyash again. Men should learn more natural reserve. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she said. “You know you’d have heard about it if I had.”

“I’m just saying...”

Disempowered (Nov. 18-19 2013)

So the joy started at 7:37 yesterday (Monday) morning... actually, before that. Sunday night I decided, since the low was going to be plus 7 Celsius or so, and I'll sleep on my screen porch down to about plus 5, that I was going to do that. After going to bed at close to one, having stayed up too late skyping with a person who shall remain nameless (you know who you are), I woke up again at 2:30. The winds were so screaming high that I was not comfortable being half outdoors, so I fled inside to my waterbed.

203 - Justice sacrificed for excessive mercy

Da: What in the garden orbicular does that mean?

Li: The abyss within.

Da: I...I didn’t mean to question him! I was asking… rhetorically.

Te: Just as well, because we are mandated to ask him what it means, as per this item, his true feelings regarding his personal vendetta.

Mi: It sounds crazy to me. Here he is saying Chevenga’s mad and now under the drug he’s talking like this.

Who should play Chevenga? (See the blogpost) POLL 02

Which actor should play Chevenga in the movie?

Update 02: I've added Tom Hiddleston, just so Shel can vote for him.

Also--how could I forget??--Orlando Bloom.

Update 01: I've altered the field some, dropping the two off who received no votes, and adding two more...

Original post

Inspired by my friend Louise Hypher's success in finding an actor who's a dead ringer for the main character of her book*, I've been hard at work at this... again, doing no shopping that the makeup and wardrobe departments couldn't do.

*I Alexander* on the move

Yesterday I planned out the remainder of ak: where I am going to insert the new posts (e.g. there’s going to be a new one tomorrow), what I’m going to switch around, etc. Unless something changes, there are going to be 215 216 posts in total, with the last one appearing on Tuesday, December 3 4.

Viva Cuba, gracias Robertico

This is what I needed: to put my feet up.

This vacation in Cuba was awesome as usual, but had some special features.

But first: I got tired of Canadians whining about this and that. Especially the heat. Hello…what did you come down here for? So I am swearing off all complaints in this post except this one, now finito.

Rainbow over the beach at Marea del Portillo

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