Viva Cuba, gracias Robertico

This is what I needed: to put my feet up.

This vacation in Cuba was awesome as usual, but had some special features.

But first: I got tired of Canadians whining about this and that. Especially the heat. Hello…what did you come down here for? So I am swearing off all complaints in this post except this one, now finito.

Rainbow over the beach at Marea del Portillo

Who should play Chevenga? (See the blogpost)

Most public sex scene ever: whose point of view should I use?

Dear Ravenous Horde:

Some months ago an anonymous commenter complained that the second instance of Imperator and Imperatrix Chevenga and Niku performing the act of public copulation that Arkan tradition requires on the Diem of Carnal Licentiousness every leap year, covered summarily in asa kraiya Post 062, seemed too mundane and chore-like.

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