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Other stuff of mine

My computer art blog. Published on Daily Kos and elsewhere.

In April 2012 I launched a fairly radical weight-loss attempt. I blog about it here.

Website of the homeopathic organization I am helping build.

Shirley Meier's Fifth Millennium works

Eclipse Court -- Minis's story.

Other weblit

Snakeskin by Jessie Blue Fitzgerald

Dani Rabbit by Ravenrux

Random Coolness

Best Cirque du Soleil show ever! I am a big Cirque du Soleil fan, have loved, I mean really loved, every show of theirs I've seen, which is most of the travelling ones and a few of the resident ones on video. But KA blew me away because it's not a series of acts with a bit of symbolism or story wrapped around them. It is a story: a fantasy story, with swordfights, assassinations, betrayal, intrigue, magic spells, heroism, romance, weird critturs, incredible settings... all those things you love about fantasy! All delivered with the usual Cirque panache--stunning athleticism and artistry in body language, incredible costumes, and a stage that does the most spectacular things you've ever seen a stage do. This is a MUST SEE so SEE it already! If you're anywhere near Vegas, see it live!

Scrollable scale of the universe. Comparative size of a lot of things, educational and amazing. I bookmarked it under "Reference."

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