by Karen Wehrstein

"***** I’ve found a thrill like no other. Every update is heart-filling. Karen gets me every time."
- GreenGlass @ Web Fiction Guide

"***** The world-building is particularly brilliant..." - Elizabeth Barrette @ Web Fiction Guide

"Emotional verisimilitude is extremely difficult but is here achieved with an easy grace that staggers me." - Michael Thedford @ Lexy's Basement

"More often than once, we have had to remind each other that this is only a story..." - Fantasy Lover @ Lexy's Basement

Dear reader:

I have begun the process of segmenting The Philosopher in Arms into standard-length books in preparation for e-book publishing. As I complete each book's re-organizing I will make its title below into a working link, and add the cover art if I've done it yet. The table of contents beneath that shows those chapters which have not yet been sectioned. To start reading the series, click on Book I. Links will lead you from there.

Book I

Book II

Book III

Book IV


Book V: Our Soul as a People (Posts 286-334: see below)

Book VI: The Sword in Yeola-e’s Hand (334-384)

Book VII: Beloved Imperator (385-436)

Book VIII: To Set Them Free (437-538)

Book IX: The House of Argentine Faces (539-639)

Book X: The Last Great Arkan General (640-746)

Book XI: What I Wanted to Do (747-821)

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