darya semanakraseyeni

"You are the wind beneath my moyawa..." Acknowledgment to the people who have helped with my writing and still do.

Critique, support and encouragement, going way back:

Natalie Walker (high school teacher who told me my writing would see print someday)

S.M. Stirling (the first person I ever met who was into writing as much as I was. BRO! Hey, Steve: one, two, three -- "More... smells!")

The Bunch of Seven: Steve, Shirley Meier, S.M. Stirling, Louise Hypher, Tanya Huff, Fiona Patton, Marion Hughes, Mike Wallis, Terri Neal, Julie Czerneda, Stephanie Rendino, Lloyd Penney.

Bob Knowlton

Critique, support and encouragement, more recently:

Melissa Gold

Frequent commenters: You know who they are.

The WordSwap crew: Jenny Cressman, June Salmon, Alan and Doreen Pearson, Jodi Bartle, et al. Plus Lorraine of Soul Sistas for the awesome food.

Mega-donor: Terry Shaw

In Memoriam

I knew her only as a reader, who RT'd my posting tweets often and nominated me (and Shirley) for a Rose & Bay in 2010. She passed away after a long struggle with cancer in December 2010. Though our lives touched only a little, I will miss her.

Kyril Oakwind
Her occasional comments encouraged and uplifted me. All I know at this point is that she passed away March 9, 2013; see here.

The Ultimate Mega-Fan:

Jeyen Chevenga Barham-Kaiel (yes, that’s his real, legal name. See here.)


G. Veravenga, capriox, Michael S.S. Thedford, V, Shel, Christine, Sharpest_Asp, J, Athlynne.

Award-Worthy Patrons:

V (Rose and Bay Award, Best Patron 2011)
capriox (Nominated for the Best Patron Rosie in 2012)
Shel (Rose and Bay Award, Best Patron 2014)

Volunteer contributors:

Melissa Gold (Millennipedia)
Blue-Winged Coyote (fan art)
Larry Elmore (cover art adapted with permission)
Jeyen Chevenga Barham-Kaiel (Pronunciation guide - forthcoming)
Michael Thedford (vocal acting)

Reader character creators:

V (Veresinga Shae-Rusha, introduced in Post 280)
Michael S.S. Thedford, aka Toast (Michela Thefora-e, introduced in Post 32; he also has made major contributions to Intharas Terren.)
Clare K. R. Miller (Klara Milera Aitza, introduced in Post 566.)

And last but far from least:
Former writing partner

...i.e., for much of the writing of this, she shared the world, contributed myriad ideas and role-played dialogues with me, as I did for her: Shirley Meier

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