Book I: posts 1 to 69, est 136K words US$4.99

Book II: posts 70-168 est. 200K words US$4.99

Book III: posts 169-212 est. 88K words US$4.99

Book IV: The Path Unconceived
Posts 212-284 est. 144K words US$4.99

Book V: Our Soul as a People
Posts 285-334 est. 98K words US$4.99

Book VI: The Sword in Yeola-e’s Hand
Posts 335-384 est. 100K words US$4.99

Book VII: Beloved Imperator
Posts 385-436 est. 115K words US$4.99

Book VIII: To Set Them Free
Posts 436-538 est. 121K words US$4.99

Book IX: Title Pending
Posts 539-639 est. 130K words US$4.99

asa kraiya : Beyond the Sword

Book I: The Healer’s Path
Posts 1-70 est. 140K words US$4.99

Book II: Everything Going As It Should
Posts 71-143 est. 142K words US$4.99

Book III: In This Life
Posts 144-213 est. 138K words US$4.99

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Chevenga’s Freedom
11,000 words - $0.99

When Amarka, this month’s captain of the merchant ship Hindlian Sorceress, and her all-Yeoli crew welcome aboard a passenger who seems to be on the run from Arkan authorities, they take on far more than they could ever have expected...

Note: Chronologically this story takes place between the event of The Philosopher in Arms posts 168 and 169.

“*Laughs* Awesome! Lots of fun, in and around the dire bits.” -Capriox

“Gorgeous... LOVED. IT.” -GreenGlass77

How to Deal With Not Being Free
4,300 words - $0.99
by Karen Wehrstein with files from Michael S.S. Thedford

An Excerpt from the Personal Diary of Intharas Terren, High Editor of the Pages of Arko.

Wondering what happened after the doughty editor went back to his office after being summoned by the Imperator in PA post 517? This secret entry in his private journal reveals all.




...I should add that my favorite bit of wretched, offensive language has to be the masterful piece re: the rosebud boy and the Mahid with its almost gothic romantic aesthetics. Lord Byron should wish he could write poetry like that!” -Capriox

More favourite bits of this post, by readers and writers alike:

“Forzak your gentle heart, you reaving burning pillaging savage.” -Shirley

“The ‘enormous orifice’ paragraph.” -Michael S.S. Thedford

“The ‘you-non-following-up domoctopus fikker’ line” -Capriox

“Ewwwww! The tentacles... your orifices...” —“Tentacles, Hayel. The beak’s what’s squicking me.” -V and Capriox

“...the few bereft and shivering survivors of my hair are all well wind-refreshed when I lay myself down before He Whose Eyes Aren’t Quite Exactly the Blue of the Divine Sky.” -V

“Why was I born with writing as a gift, not carpentry or accounting?” -Karen

Kimmias's Story
7,000 words - $0.99

He's a shipwrecked warrior, Gods-cursed and tough as nails. They are a completely innocent and pacifistic island people, living in total harmony with nature. Not Fifth Millennium... early Bronze Age.

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