Fifth Mill peeps on Deviantart

So Blue Coyote and I were man-candy-sampling online yesterday (it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it) when she shared with me some pics that could well be certain characters you know and love.

Blue was saying this attractive gentleman could be a Mahid. I think actually he could be an older version of Minis than on the cover of EC. Try putting them side by each and you'll see what I mean.

One of the Mahid—Joras?—while they’re hiding in the woods. He has a celtic knotwork pendant that could be shopped out and the silver buckle… well, it would be hidden behind his hand.

Blue said she found the perfect Inensa, but I had to disagree: to me this shot is the perfect Risae.

Googling the name of the model, Blue found another utterly clinical Risae. I've never described her with glasses, but I might change that.

Here's the same model as a more perfect Inensa, imo.

Then I went looking for Chevengas, and had some fun.

"I [choose one] violated 21-1 and 21-5-7 of the Statute semanakraseyeni/lost too many warriors winning that battle/sacked Arko— AAAAAAIIIIIIIGGGHH!"

"I admit... what they say around the campfires is true... I like to, em, accede to the will of the people..."

"Ohhhhh, Niku, I don't know how you tropical women can hold your breath for so long, but I looooooove yoooooooouuuu!"

"So I undress and hide under the bed just to give my alesinas a sweet surprise when he comes in and... where the Hayel is he?"

"Niku... Kall... Skorsas... please... no more... I'm done..." (okay the hair isn't quite right, but still...)

Please share any images of Fifth Millennium characters, or settings for that matter, that you might happen to find on that vast pulsating mass of libidinous imagery knows as the "Internet" in the comments.

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03 Aug17:45


By Clare K. R. Miller

most of those--including all of the Chevengas (what a surprise)--are "mature content," and I can't see them without signing up for Deviantart. (Which I'm not going to do, as I find that website really irritating.) I still like your captions though Eye-wink

03 Aug18:40

what's irritating?

By Blue Coyote

What about DevArt irritates you? It's free (though you can pay for it and get more features) you don't have to put anything up just to look and comment. If it's the people I don't know what to tell you, they're people, people are just like that in my experience.

03 Aug17:49

Well, shoot... I didn't

By Karen

...think of that. Not a lot I can do about it either, since the images all belong to other people and are copyright, so I can't just re-post them here. Sorry, folks.

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