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Skorsas's Story

by Karen Wehrstein

Who and where and what was the life lived by Skorsas Trinisas before he became Chevenga's Mezem boy? Here is his own account... plus him writing about the early days of their relationship. True title pending.

I - It's in yourself
II - Love of my life
III - One moment a man
IV - The mark of a great fighter
V - A special man needs a special boy
VI - Your heart stolen again
VII - The Jewel-Shedding Brat
VIII - Life isn’t that good

The Chains of Honour
by Karen Wehrstein and Shirley Meier

Being an Account as told by Kallijas Itrean solas to Sinimas Menden fessas, writer of The Pages of Arko, of the events surrounding his historic duel against Fourth Shefenkas Shaearanoias. Warning of Spoil: Said events unfold in the period of time recounted in The Philosopher in Arms commencing with Post the 214th.

Part I - in Which I meet the Ring-Fighter King.
Part II - in Which I accept his Challenge
Part III - The Duel
Part IV - The Yeoli Part of My Life
Part V - The Love that is Divinely-granted
Part VI - I will be Worthy
Part VII - The horror that is war
Part VIII - Dead in the Heart
Part IX - Let me receive your essence

"This story is like one of those complicated Asian spice mixes - the horrible taste left by Generally bad idea Abatzas actually sets off the rare and fleeting taste of honourable Arkan ways to complete the dish." -Cat, Dec. 27 2010

"Painful and glorious." -G. Veravenga, Jan. 3 2011

by Karen Wehrstein and Shirley Meier

A double-point-of-view story of betrayal, love and flight. The whole story happens across the time of posts 375-385 of The Philosopher in Arms. (Complete)

Part I: [Sawas] People who thought of people as different from birds
Part II: [Iminae] When a Mahid smiles
Part III: [Sawas] Lord Friend Death be my lover
Part IV: [Iminae] Love is so often foolish
Part V: [Sawas] My love pouring out through the gash in my spirit
Part VI: [Iminae] Some things we just don’t want to know about ourselves
Part VII: [Sawas] I feel better about myself
Part VIII: [Iminae] A service so great
Part IX: [Sawas] Love is never wrong
Part X: [Iminae] I’d die as happy as I deserved
Part XI: [Sawas & Iminae] The sweetest death a man ever died
Part XII: [Sawas & Iminae] A feather in the wind
Part XIII: [Sawas & Iminae] The breath of new life
Part XIV: [Sawas & Iminae] This impossible dream was just handed to me
Part XV: [Iminae] Voice of the Heart

“Beautiful... I <3 this story.” -Capriox

“ ‘Can’t be a national paper-pusher because of height sickness... only in Yeola-e.’ Snork! You almost owed me a new keyboard there, Karen!” -Shel

“I would probably wanna strangle myself to get away from a goody-two-shoes like Chevenga on some days, too.” -Capriox again

“If only my goody-two-shoesness made all my enemies strangle themselves.” -Chevenga

The Dawnflower Cave : Artira's story
by Karen Wehrstein

She grew up in the shadow of her brother, the child prodigy warrior destined to protect Yeola-e no matter how formidable an enemy it faced. Her life has been defined as “second-in-line,” only to become significant if something happens to him. Now, in Yeola-e's darkest hour... something has happened to him.

This was my Muskoka Novel Marathon 2012 project, the Google Doc of which a number of you came to visit during the marathon. That version is no longer current; this one is.

Prologue - The divine audience laughs at us as we burn
001 - What must it be like, being him?
002 - S/he’s your sister/brother! S/he loves you!
003 - The Kiss of the Lake
004 - The dawnflower cave

“I love it!!! So excited to see her story... how can one grow up in the shadow of someone like Chevenga and eventually be called to fill in for him? ...Can't wait to see how her grappling with her familial relationships and civic duties continues as she grows up.” -Capriox

How to Deal With Not Being Free: Being an Excerpt from the Personal Diary of Intharas Terren, High Editor of the Pages.
by Karen Wehrstein with files from Michael S.S. Thedford.

Wondering what happened after the doughty editor went back to his office after being summoned by the Imperator in PA post 517? This secret entry in his private journal reveals all.

How to Deal With Not Being Free




...I should add that my favorite bit of wretched, offensive language has to be the masterful piece re: the rosebud boy and the Mahid with its almost gothic romantic aesthetics. Lord Byron should wish he could write poetry like that!” -Capriox

More favourite bits of this post, by readers and writers alike:

“Forzak your gentle heart, you reaving burning pillaging savage.” -Shirley

“The ‘enormous orifice’ paragraph.” -Michael S.S. Thedford

“The ‘you-non-following-up domoctopus fikker’ line” -Capriox

“Ewwwww! The tentacles... your orifices...” —“Tentacles, Hayel. The beak’s what’s squicking me.” -V and Capriox

“...the few bereft and shivering survivors of my hair are all well wind-refreshed when I lay myself down before He Whose Eyes Aren’t Quite Exactly the Blue of the Divine Sky.” -V

“Why was I born with writing as a gift, not carpentry or accounting?” -Karen

Excerpts from My Hundred Lives
by Karen Wehrstein

He's a shipwrecked warrior, Gods-cursed and tough as nails. They are a completely innocent and pacifistic island people, living in total harmony with nature. Not Fifth Millennium... this time we're going back into the early Bronze Age.

Kimmias's Story, first part
Kimmias's Story, second part
Kimmias's Story, third and final part

Chevenga's Freedom
by Karen Wehrstein

When Amarka, this month's captain of the merchant ship Hindlian Sorceress, and her all-Yeoli crew welcome aboard a passenger who seems to be on the run from Arkan authorities, they take on far more than they could ever have expected...

SPOILER WARNING: This story reveals major plot points of The Philosopher in Arms. Chronologically it takes place between posts 168 and 169.

Otherwise, read on.

“*Laughs* Awesome! Lots of fun, in and around the dire bits.” -Capriox

“Gorgeous... LOVED. IT.” -GreenGlass77

“Most definitely worth the wait!” -Cat

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