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The Arkan Sonney; was "Next PA post tomorrow, Novel Marathon update"

This blogpost removed due to obsolescence except for the irreplaceable contents of one comment, by capriox:

Stumbled on this while researching other mythical beasts and wanted to share it with you purely for the name. The Arkan Sonney!

Planned hiati (with cute goat pics)

Dear readers, I will not be posting next Monday, May 23, as it is a statutory holiday in Canada (Victoria Day, aka 2-4 Weekend, since that venerable Queen's birthday was May 24, and many 2-4's tend to be consumed). I will be indulging in the annual Victoria Day tradition of helping friends open their cottage.

Kunarda wins

Congratulations to Kunarda Nung-Shae-Zen, who, by reader vote, wins the prize for Coolest Move in the Arkan War by a Supporting Character.

Brainstorming invite

Spoiler warning:

It’s post asa kraiya and past where you are if you’re caught up on Eclipse Court. If you aren’t there, look no further as spoilerage abounds. Don’t even scroll down...

Slowing down

The visit to Cuba was a watershed for me.

Talking about doing it

It's not the same, of course, but sometimes you have to anyway. Another interesting IM conversation I had the other day:

Blue Coyote says
Do you like to do it sitting or in bed?
Karen Wehrstein says
Blue Coyote says
A series of right hand, left hand, or both hands?
Karen Wehrstein says
Both hands, always!
I try to do it with as much imagination as possible. I like to really set a scene.
Blue Coyote says
I get into role-playing when I do it
Karen Wehrstein says
Me too, big time!
I like to do it in the dark
Blue Coyote says

Breastmilk ice cream. Really.

Just when you thought that life couldn't possibly get as weird as my story, comes more proof that I could never write as weird as life.

A London ice cream parlour is taking a page from Kurkas and serving ice cream made from "organic, natural, free-range" human milk. Free-range, I believe, means that the moms were not kept in cages too small for them to turn around. Phew.

Planned hiati and coolest move illo

Shirley and I are going to have some very dear friends visiting from next weekend (Feb. 19) to the weekend after and we're planning an intense itinerary, so I'm not sure how much I will post that week. Could range anywhere from zero to four posts (the Monday is a statutory holiday so I wasn't planning to post then anyway).

March break I might take off, depending on whether I feel more tired or inspired. Maybe I'll take a break from writing and concentrate on packaging and publicity... I need to do that.

Mamokal might be back four years from now

In the Fifth Millennium we've postulated that woolly mammoths exist due to scientists having recreated the species by cloning, sometime in the early-mid 21st century, before the Fire.

But it may happen even sooner than that, if Japanese scientists can find a good enough sample of mammoth cells.

Thanks for voting

...in the poll in which I asked whether I was going on too long about the Arkan war. I have a course of action, which was what I wanted. Three of you or 14% apiece voted for "Cut a thing or two" and "Right number of scenes but they move too slowly" while none of you, much to my relief, thought there were too many scenes. It was also firmly established (15 votes or 71%) that I am a whiny insecure writer. Newsflash.

But seriously, thanks for your honesty on this one.

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