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You were warned. You had your chance to avert this. You did not take it.

Sung narcissistically yet imploringly to the tune of “Winning”, lyrics ©Charlie Sheen 2011

(Ai-yae-oh, semana… kraseye…)
Uh, yeah, I- I- I- I'm on a drug called Chevenga
It's not available, if you try it once you’ll die young
The second Fire will come
And your children will weep over your root-crisped body, your root-crisped body

You love to keyboard?

Spoiler poll results

Make your choice, adventurous stranger
Click "Show spoiler," bide the danger
Or wonder 'till it drives you mad
What would have happened if you had.*

Phew! Your sanity is saved.

As of now people have quit voting for long enough that I want to change have changed the poll, and the lead is precisely evenly split between "Hate them," "Only reduce my reading enjoyment somewhat," and "I don't mind finding out."

People really *prefer* spoilers?!?? - UPDATE: spoiler button

I’ll start by just quoting the blurb, on the website of CBC Books, for a radio segment aired on CBC Radio on Aug. 25, 2011, which Shirley told me about at the time, emphasis added.

The retro-addition of Michela

My bad. I said in an author's note on the post where I first introduced Michael Thedford's reader character Michela that I'd write another author's note later, with all the links to all the earlier chapters to which I added Michela. I never did it. A thousand pardons.

But better late than never! For your retro-ninja-reading pleasure:

PA 32, in which Michela and the Kadrini pike both are introduced,
PA 33, in which the pike is first used by Yeolis,

About the Karen's fave major poll - ANSWER

Update the second: You two who voted “Karen doesn’t have one favourite” are correct. Reason: they really are like apples and oranges. I love them all for different things, the same as my friends in real life, so it’s almost impossible to compare. But I know that many people feel that voting for "no favourite" feels like something of a cop-out, and in a sense, I can’t say the rest of you are wrong.

Earthquakes, passings and such

So I was sitting innocently on my screen porch working (probably writing) yesterday, when I felt the whole screen porch silently and distinctly, albeit subtly, shaking from side to side. At first I thought I must be imagining it, but it didn't go away on that thought, lasting maybe 10 seconds, so I realized it must be an earthquake.

Fifth Mill peeps on Deviantart

So Blue Coyote and I were man-candy-sampling online yesterday (it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it) when she shared with me some pics that could well be certain characters you know and love.

Blue was saying this attractive gentleman could be a Mahid. I think actually he could be an older version of Minis than on the cover of EC. Try putting them side by each and you'll see what I mean.

The Arkan Sonney; was "Next PA post tomorrow, Novel Marathon update"

This blogpost removed due to obsolescence except for the irreplaceable contents of one comment, by capriox:

Stumbled on this while researching other mythical beasts and wanted to share it with you purely for the name. The Arkan Sonney!

Planned hiati (with cute goat pics)

Dear readers, I will not be posting next Monday, May 23, as it is a statutory holiday in Canada (Victoria Day, aka 2-4 Weekend, since that venerable Queen's birthday was May 24, and many 2-4's tend to be consumed). I will be indulging in the annual Victoria Day tradition of helping friends open their cottage.

Kunarda wins

Congratulations to Kunarda Nung-Shae-Zen, who, by reader vote, wins the prize for Coolest Move in the Arkan War by a Supporting Character.

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