Courtroom drama

I don't know whether it's because of the Oscar Pistorius trial happening right now (have you ever wished so fervently that truth-drug existed in real life?) or what, but I got the hankering to put into one blogpost all the scenes in which Chevenga is, for one reason or another, in court. And the scenes surrounding them.

Waiver: By reading further and especially clicking links you hereby consent to significant and major story spoilerage.

Disclaimer: IANALBIHGCWA (I am not a lawyer but I have great characters who are).

"All rise..."

The blow that fate has struck upon you (Chevenga's theme song)

Long ago I wrote a longish blogpost about the music I listen to while writing. It's been many things over many years, mostly in the progressive rock/jazz/fusion/new age/world areas. I love music and... while I guess I could write without it, I would never want to. Music blasting into my head from the phones is part of what powers my creativity.

My Muskoka Novel Marathon 2014: planned!

Yesss! I've solved my what-to-write-at-the-Novel-Marathon-this-year problem.

Note: if you are a Muskoka Novel Marathon judge in the Adult category who wants to maintain manuscript anonymity, please do not click on the spoiler button below.

Everyone else, please do.

The adventures of SHEvengrrrl : what if Chevenga were female?

Late-joining reader and patron J corresponds with me by email, giving me his reactions as he works his way through the story. (As I write he’s around PA post 538.) About a week ago he asked me, “Did you ever think about making Che female?” No criticism intended, he added, just a fun thought.

“The monsters in my mind” (Raphi breakthrough)

[Caution: To prevent possible head explosion if you are absolutely resolute that homeopathy doesn’t work, clutch both temples firmly and repeat “This is anecdotal evidence!” in a tone similar to Dorothy saying “There’s no place like home” five times before reading and thereafter as needed.]

Meretricis smegma, or: more fun with Google Translate (Reader Challenge)

Long-time readers might recall a blogpost I wrote two or three years ago about the charms of mechanical translation as per Google Translate, which Ravenrux decried in the comments, but I prefer to cherish and celebrate.

Earlier today I updated the post to enlighten readers on what Google Translate says an Italian tweet, "que chevenga la chevecha anda chuve chive la chevechaa que che chuvee a la cabechaaa", means in English.*

The great Toronto ice-storm of 2013

Okay, it's not as intense as the great Montreal/Ottawa ice storm of 1998... which loaded three inches of ice on everything, brought down high-tension lines, knocked power out of some places for two weeks, and even caused some deaths. And it didn't just happen in Toronto. But Torontonians make a big fuss of whatever happens to them, and I was born one so, you know.

Disempowered (Nov. 18-19 2013)

So the joy started at 7:37 yesterday (Monday) morning... actually, before that. Sunday night I decided, since the low was going to be plus 7 Celsius or so, and I'll sleep on my screen porch down to about plus 5, that I was going to do that. After going to bed at close to one, having stayed up too late skyping with a person who shall remain nameless (you know who you are), I woke up again at 2:30. The winds were so screaming high that I was not comfortable being half outdoors, so I fled inside to my waterbed.

Which actor should play Chevenga in the movie?

Update 02: I've added Tom Hiddleston, just so Shel can vote for him.

Also--how could I forget??--Orlando Bloom.

Update 01: I've altered the field some, dropping the two off who received no votes, and adding two more...

Original post

Inspired by my friend Louise Hypher's success in finding an actor who's a dead ringer for the main character of her book*, I've been hard at work at this... again, doing no shopping that the makeup and wardrobe departments couldn't do.

*I Alexander* on the move

Yesterday I planned out the remainder of ak: where I am going to insert the new posts (e.g. there’s going to be a new one tomorrow), what I’m going to switch around, etc. Unless something changes, there are going to be 215 216 posts in total, with the last one appearing on Tuesday, December 3 4.

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